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Send Your Megapont Ape Into Space

Mint a spacesuit with STX to get your Megapont ape suited up and off into space.


Megapont Space Agency(MSA) is an NFT collection on Stacks that celebrates one year of Megapont on Stacks. You create NFTs that are extensions of our original collection Megapont Ape Club. These are made by putting an Ape you own into the space suit. Space suits are generative with a single unique 1/1.

The NFTs cost 50STX. Every Megapont Ape Club NFT will be airdropped a MSA NFT at no cost.

No. You can mint in quantities of 1,2,10, and 50. Mint opens around 20:00UTC on Wednesday, October 26th. With the airdrop happening on the evening of October 26th.

No. You can mint MSA NFTs without owning an ape. Every suit will have a clone Ape in them to ensure you don't have a hollow experience without owning a pricey hallmark NFT.

No. Once you put an Ape in a MSA NFT suit, that suit is considered immutable and can never change.

Yes. You can put a single Ape in as many MSA NFTs as you want. If you own a rare Ape, you can have multiple instances of that ape in MSA NFTs. The exception is 1/1 Apes, who cannot be placed in suits other than the one airdropped to them due to the complexity.


The three clone apes are duplicate apes, hence the clone naming. That are three unique fur colours that will be in every suit that is minted. The airdropped suits will not have a clone ape in them. Putting a Megapont Ape in the suit will replace the clone ape and can never be reversed.

This is a toggle on the Megapont UI and part of the metadata. A suited ape can be found on the metadata with the `alt_image` key. This is not considered a toggle to change the NFT appearance. It is similar in functionality to a Discord command for seasonal drops.

No this happens on the blockchain. We can not reverse this.

Of course. MSA NFTs will carry over into 2023, and our landmark collection Haus of Megapont.

Unanswered questions? Give us a shout in Discord, or @MegapontNFT on Twitter.

Megapont Space Agency